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[03 Jul 2014|04:44am]
Interesting observation.  I go to bed/sleep early enough, I tend to wake up super early. For the past two nights, I've been asleep before midnight, possibly eleven, without any aid from otc pills. Yesterday morning, I woke up around 4:30.  This morning, it was 3:30. That's a little too early. I need to work on that.
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[10 Mar 2014|03:57pm]
After an extremely lazy start yesterday, I somehow managed to find the motivation to get a shower and go to WalMart. I'm glad I did, because my only intention for going in on the grocery side was to get one of their sandwiches there at the front. Of course, right next to that display is the fruit and I hit the jackpot! Plums, peaches that aren't peaches that I can't think of the name right now, and cutie oranges. Nectarines, that's what the peaches that aren't peaches are called. Ha, I knew I'd think of it eventually. I also got some stuff to make a cheesy goulash recipe. As soon as I get off the computer, I'll try making it. Pasta and lotsa cheese, what's better than that?

The time change screwed me up royally. I didn't set my clock forward, thinking "Oh, I can keep it straight." Ha! wrong, but whatevs, no big surprise there. Plus the fact I didn't sleep a single wink Saturday night. Not even a quick little nap. So by the time it finally got to be late evening yesterday, I was a goner. And to make sure I actually slept, I took a melatonin pill. I'm thinking these are a little stronger than usual b/c it kicks my butt and takes forever for them to wear off. Ugh.

Anyway, I went to bed with a bit of a dull headache and thought it would go away with some sleep. I woke up around 2 am with a piercing pain in my head. It felt like someone had an ice pick and was chipping away at my brain. My hair felt so heavy on my head. I was even dreaming about my head hurting, that's how bad it was. So instead of turning the light on, I open the computer and use it for a light to find my bottle of headache pills (rx strength, it was necessary). I take one and lay down to wait for the pain to go away and for me to go back to sleep. I do and then I start dreaming that I was teaching again. Only I was having to go through student teaching all over again. It wasn't a good experience in my dream, it was more like when when I actually taught. Students who wouldn't listen, flat-out ignored me, were rude, etc. and so on. It just frustrated me so much and an old friend of mine dropped by in the dream, in the middle of class and asked what I was doing, so I told him at that moment, I was seriously reconsidering my career choice. The whole scenario just continued to get worse and students were writing complaints about me. I felt anxious when I woke up. :/

Cue me going back to sleep after that bad dream. Next dream up was some reaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllly odd setting of me on a horse and having some kind of whip where I was to use it to kill zombies. o.O But I ended up popping it around some chick's neck and dragging her off her horse because she was torturing another zombie hunter. He made me stop and said she was right to do what she did to him, then insisted we call a truce. So we did that and he let me ride the horse while he led it and the other chick got on hers and the three of us went back to my grandparents old house. On the way there, we saw a new episode of Dancing With The Stars. All the old favorites were back, including the two Nsync guys, but Joey got the bigger round of applause and that just tickled me to death. LOL It was like "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lance Bass. *polite clapping" then "Joey Fatone. *wild screaming, applause, foot stomping, chanting "Joe-y! Joe-y! Joe-y!"*" We made it to the old garage without any zombie incidents, then there were high-pitched screams and some relatives of mine, who looked like they did when we were kids, comes running up from behind my uncle's old trailer yelling about a skunk. So everyone freaks out and someone starts yelling to run to higher ground. A few of us (including me) run onto the back porch of my granny's old house and we're trying to lock the screen door to keep the skunk, and people who were sprayed, out. We run through the house and out the little...porch-thingy that faced my parents house. Someone had been painting in the hall there and the steps as we're going down them. Then we come to rest on the hill next to the road and a big semi-truck comes up the road and I point out to one of my aunts that the color of the cab is the color I'm painting my bedroom.

Was it the headache? The pain med? The sleeping pill? Who knows. Just another glimpse into my questionable mind.
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Writer's Block: Love Me Tender [08 Jan 2012|09:10pm]
What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?
Suspicious Minds
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Writer's Block: Tales of Talladega [01 Nov 2010|09:32pm]
From phantom cars to mysterious voices warning of danger, there are many legends surrounding Talladega Superspeedway - do you believe any of the tales?
I'm from that area and given lots of the old stories from the entire area of Tallega, anything is possible. The track has seen it's share of "bad luck" over the years.
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Writer's Block: Supersize me [24 Jul 2010|06:15pm]
Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?
My cousin and I boycotted Coca-Cola one year when they wouldn't let the Monkees use the "Monkees" name on their tour. LOL I'm sure we did a lot of damage to the Coca Cola Company
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Just have to share [03 Oct 2008|12:13am]
If anyone on my friend's page knows anything about me, they know I'm a big fan of the Monkees. My journal name is from one of their songs. Anyway, last Saturday night I had once in a lifetime opportunity to see Davy Jones in concert. To save time and everything, I'm just linking to myspace blog about it.

Dream come true!!
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word processing programs? [26 Dec 2006|02:32pm]
My beautiful in-laws gave me a laptop for Christmas. The only drawback? It doesn't have any word processing program other than a notepad. Does anyone know of a site that has free download programs of word processing? I just found AbiWord, but before I went through the whole downloading thing, I thought I'd check to see if there are any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!
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[03 Dec 2006|12:32am]
I'm in the mood for some really cheesy, sappy, boyband Mary Sue fanfics. Linke me, baybee.
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*knocks on screen* [01 Dec 2006|01:08pm]
Is there any reason why my friends page here has not moved since November 28, 2006 at 7:04 a.m.? This is just highly weird.

I feel like I'm trapped in some kind of sci-fi novel where everything's moved on and I'm left stuck in time. lol
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Everyone will be seeing this... [27 May 2006|12:27am]
If you're friended to my gj, here, or my myspace. This has just tickled the hell out of me!!

Jenn (I have no idea what your un is here on lj....but you know who you are!), you've heard the stories about my relatives in Huntsville, AL, the ones who did the moonshining and shot a spider in a bar that the family owned. The rest of you, I come from true, stereotypical Southern stock as far as my heritage like that is concerned. Then again, it's hard to tell exactly when someone in the Parcus family is being serious or just pulling your leg. Either way, tonight, I was just goofing around and did a google search for Parcus and came across this article. I know this guy Harris Lee, have been to his house and met other kinfolk and they're just as welcoming as you could ever want to meet. How cool that there's going to be a documentary about him and the family business. LMAO!! Enjoy the article.

Oh, the story of the spider? Seems he's living in the old club/bar and has made it into a home. One day, his daughter Toni noticed something that looked like a bullethole in a concrete block that makes up one of the walls. She asked him what it was and he tells her it is a bullethole. She thinks it's from a gunfight or barroom brawl that happened in the bar. Nope. There was a spider there and Harris Lee did the most logical thing to do. He pulled out his pistol and shot it because he hates spiders. I think it's a family trait. ;)

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[22 Jul 2005|03:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

eeek. I'm alive and well, just over on greatest journal where everything is free and just awesome.

My random reason for posting here today is about the fanfic website I writer for. Seems our illustrious webmistress accidentally hit a button when she was doing some thing there and deleted a lot of the novels. Deleted as in gone and never to be seen again. I'm hoping someone might've liked some of them so much they saved them? Like Commotion, Over the Limit, Winter's Song, Crimson's Delight? And if so...maybe someone could find it in the kindness of their heart to send them our way again?

www.taketimetodream.net That's the site. We've still got our over 80 visuals up, but it's the novels we're all missing. Maybe you know someone who's a fan of the site and can pass word along? Anything at all will be very helpful.

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[20 Nov 2004|09:06pm]
aaaaaaand....because I'm so freaking broke, I can barely pay attention...I've got a gj now, as well. I have bunches and bunches of ICONS *spazzes* *snickers* that I refuse to pay to have space to house them.

Find me there with the same sn....daily_nightly.

Love to all.

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Sit back, buckle in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride [24 Jul 2004|09:34pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So, it's taken me how long to reach the point where I finally felt the need to respond to all these little snide remarks and jabs against a group of my friends? Ummm...since April, if I'm not mistaken and that's what--3 months? Three months I have been quiet, taking in all these attacks that pop up in my personal journal, from my personal friends? And yet, darn it, I'm the one who can't let go of the past and move on.

Guess what? I've taken all I can and am letting loose.

First off--to those who don't know, or have forgotten, or are just morbidly curious--I am one of the list mods and an active member at that downright horrible, shitty rpg that is referred to every so often in a couple of mutual friends' journals. Yes, I am one of the stupid fucking bitches who kicked a group of people out of our game. A group of people, I might add, that had started calling themselves "The Crew" long before they were ever booted. So, as much as I would like for us to take credit for that, dammit, we can't.

This was a group who hated us so much that they continuously bitched, griped, and threw tantrums about the rules that they WILLINGLY signed and agreed to--thereby proving they knew how things worked there, yet continuously pushed the limits of those rules, asked me why didn't some of us just go off and start our own group? Wanna know why I didn't? Because I could handle the rules set forth for me, from the very beginning...if I had a problem with them to begin with, I never would have joined. But also because I have made some very good and close friends there in the time I've been with them and I would just miss them too much.

Here's the one question I have always wanted to ask. If those who were booted hated it there so damn much--why the hell did they stay on? You knew the rules to begin with, you didn't have to sign on, you could have started your own group at any point...why the fuck did you get so pissed if you hated US that damn much? And if you still hate us, why do you hold onto the screen names for your characters with FRP attached? That's ours...but again, I'm part of a group that's not creative enough to come up with something on their own without copying ya'll. Seriously...were you so pissed because the whole lot of you needed a sense of belonging so badly that it--mercifully heavens---actually hurt to know that someone didn't give a flying fig about your feelings and just sent you out into the cold night air on your own? Then welcome to the damn world you made for us.

Sure, those remaining there poke fun at each other, get a little snarky...but we're a family...one we've worked hard to develop and establish trust in one another. But we never get so...whatever it was that you all were...as to purposefully out someone, intentionally hurt a story line, or do something as childish and immature as to act so self-righteous about moving on, yet keep going back, reading and taking things back and continuously making fun of others. We haven't made references to little black rain clouds--or being the fucking black sheep anywhere, either. But again, I'm just a stupid fucking bitch...what do I know?

I'll tell you what I know and that you don't. I let something as silly as a role-playing game affect me--to the point where I was in tears every day for nearly a week after all that shit happened, yet I moved on. It hurt me so badly to know that people I once thought of as my friends--WAAAY back before we ever got into that parallel universe where we pretend to be someone else--hated me and what I enjoy so much as a creative outlet that they hold onto bitterness and hatred. No one knows how much I talked everything out that day, going over each and every possible scenario. We were not the ones who fucking lied or encouraged others to lie to bring in another character. Want to know the real kicker? I was the one who first said to delete that group. Yep, me--the one everybody loved and thought was so cool. And that hurt me so bad, to be the one who realized that would be the only way to get things back on an even keel. Just rip the band aid right off in one quick jerk, and take the damn scabs as well. Would I do it again? In a damn heartbeat. I still consider all of you as my real-life friends, but I'm beginning to wonder exactly how much you think of me--real life--when I have never done one damn thing to any of you personally. And yet, I'm always reading where everything I do and participate in for fun sucks and am told that I can go fuck myself.

My response? And this is just me--April and I'm not speaking on behalf of the other mods or members, just me--I'm tired of this shit...rl and rp. I have not been anything but nice and accommodating to you...and you know who you are. I pose the same question--if you're so unhappy with our group? Why stay? Really? If you hate all the other members, with the exception of a select few, so much, why stay? I am NOT bending over backwards to kiss anyone’s ass and beg them to stay. Leave, stay, I really don't give a fuck anymore. But if any little black rain cloud bursts, or a fucking black sheep bites? *points to self* This weather forecaster will call out the blistering sun and this big dawg will have the sheep's ass for dinner.

As far as what finally pushed me to this point? I just want you to know that yes, all of us at the Island--who have jobs, families, school, and other real-life responsibilities--have nothing better to do than follow every fucking thing ya'll do and copy it just to piss you off. We have tracked every single move you've made since we kicked you off and plotted how to make your lives miserable. That is what we live for--to stress you out. And with that being said...you took our rules with you, down to the fucking specifics of two characters per writer, fantasies are just that, no copying and pasting...you took our terminology with you, you fucking tried to take our spirit, but you didn't. We've let it go. Why can't you? My little rpg doesn't bother anyone. Why do you and your group feel the need to keep dogging us? Our moving to Greatest Journal didn't have one damned thing to do with you...nor did any of our other changes. Get the fuck over yourselves.

Un-friend me, leave me as I am…whatever.

The end...and good night.

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A request [20 Jul 2004|01:30pm]
ADINA!!! I know you'll see this. Hit me up on AIM tonight when I sign on. I want to ask you something. *bats lashes* pwease?!?! Heh, this is in case I forget to hit you up first. Damn shiny butterflies. :D
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Ahh...fanmail! [22 Jun 2004|11:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I just have to share this...with no one, probably. LMAO But I hardly ever get any feedback for my writings--yes, I take my fanfic seriously. *snickers* So, today, when I was checking my email, I found this incredibly loverly note of encouragement from a fan! *squees, dancing around*

Dear April,

I had to write you this note regarding your visual Then you came tell me goodbye. I cant even describe how beautifully tragic it was. By the end I was crying and am still crying as I write you this. Thank you for writing something that was touching. It was in one word: Amazing. I never cry when reading fan fiction/visuals and I mean never. So that's a major credit to you...great job Hun! And please keep up the GREAT work!

Avid (weepy) reader,
(name withheld...obviously by me. *grins*)

Lemme just say...that made my day, week, month, hell, even year! Ok...that's all. Carry on.

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[13 Jun 2004|01:35am]
[ mood | bored ]

How to make a daily_nightly

3 parts mercy

1 part humour

1 part instinct
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add fitness to taste! Do not overindulge!
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My turn to bitch [04 Jun 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

But only about personal crap that just affects me...*shrugs* I just need a sounding bored and to any who have heard this before...you're more than welcome to skip it.

Pet Peeves:
1. People--namely family--who don't seem to get the fact that I am indeed a grown woman and quite capable of making decisions that affect my life all by myself. I don't need someone--my mama--saying snide and hateful shit at me like "I bet you wish you never got married now, huh?" Just because we're having a rough patch. IT HAPPENS. Sheesh!

2. People who try to find me jobs. For Pete's sake...I know what I want to do with my life. Let ME make the calls as to what path I want to take with my career.

3. *sighs* People with well-meaning intentions, but don't realize that some things that are said are hurtful to me. And because I'm such a nice person, I just smile and tell them how great that is, how wonderful it must be...*knows only a couple will get that*

4. My mom listening to every damn wannabe expert on her health and telling me what her cousin, best friend, etc. said instead of what her DOCTOR told her. *throttles mom*

5. My stupid ass husband, who I caught talking on his cell phone today with that bitch he had an affair with last year. How fucking stupid does the think I am? Seriously? I knew he was talking to someone when he came back home for me to bring his gun out to his car...and he just had this look on his face, so I asked and he said nobody. Um...I don't think so. I had just gotten to where I was actually trusting him again, and he has to go and fuck it up by calling her. *will be making lasagna sometime this weekend*

*sighs* Ok. I think that's it. Somehow, this bitch post wasn't as gratifying as I had hoped.

OH! Why in the hell didn't someone give me a heads up as to how ROTK ended?!?! I sat there last night, BAWLING my eyes out.


The end.

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Because I love The Shield [16 May 2004|08:23pm]
You are Danny! YAY! you are the tough yet
vulnerable cop in the barn. what can i even
say about you. you fucking rock. I mean, you
really fucking rock!

Which member of the Strike Team (and Danny) are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Day 4 [24 Apr 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I seriously wish to hell these damn side effects would lessen. Tuesday, when I went to the doc and basically broke down in tears while telling her I was all right, I was given a month's supply of Lexapro. Yep. The doc said I was depressed and while she liked Wellbutrin better than anything else, it was too expensive. Hello? Yes, I'd say so at $90 a bottle for one month. I liked it to, because it chilled me out a bit and didnt make me want to sleep all the friggin time or just lay around because I felt lethargic. But Lexapro? I feel very relaxed and sleepy and like I don't have the energy to get up and do any blasted thing. Today, I have GOT to MAKE myself get up and do stuff.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to go to another doc on the 4th of May. The one in May I've always liked. She's great and will run tests on me. I just don't want to keep going from doc to doc like I'm some kind of hypochondriac. I think Doc MacIntosh--the Lexapro one--thinks my little episodes of upper back and chest pain were just anxiety attacks. Gee, wonder where she got that idea from? When she asked me how I was doing, I said I was ok *chokes back tears at that point* Then, she asked what had been going on since she had seen me last in March of 2002. Hmmm...August of 2002, I was involved in a head-on collision where, for all intents and purposes, I should've been killed or seriously injured, but I had some pretty damn good guardian angels looking out for me that day. Then, in the spring of last year (2003), my husband suddenly surprises me one day by saying he wasn't in love with me anymore and he loved this other woman he met online. *blinks* And no, he didn't leave me, but in the summer of last year, I found out that he was indeed cheating on me. But just one time. Whatever. The fucker's no longer seeing her, that much I know for a fact. Oh, and on top of all that, it seems my work had started to suffer so in August of 2003, I was "let go" from my job. Yeah, I had no real reason to be depressed or anything, huh?

*snort* And the most beautiful thing about all of it? The trip to the doctor happened in the middle of all that fucking bullshit with my little rpg. So who the hell knows if my breaking down in tears was more to do with that or everything combined? Just whatever, you know?

Anyway, I need to get my ass up and doing something. I've let stuff be neglected for too long as it is. I just wish I could figure out why in the hell my back is knotted up this morning. I think I slept the wrong way or something.

'Tis all

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[17 Apr 2004|05:57pm]

I'm in the mood for some good, juicy, mature, well-written fanfic that I can sink my teeth into.  Nothing too epic, but enough to get a story across.  Either BSB or Nsync will be fine.  I'm not picky.  Any suggestions?

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