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I just have to share this...with no one, probably. LMAO But I hardly ever get any feedback for my writings--yes, I take my fanfic seriously. *snickers* So, today, when I was checking my email, I found this incredibly loverly note of encouragement from a fan! *squees, dancing around*

Dear April,

I had to write you this note regarding your visual Then you came tell me goodbye. I cant even describe how beautifully tragic it was. By the end I was crying and am still crying as I write you this. Thank you for writing something that was touching. It was in one word: Amazing. I never cry when reading fan fiction/visuals and I mean never. So that's a major credit to you...great job Hun! And please keep up the GREAT work!

Avid (weepy) reader,
(name withheld...obviously by me. *grins*)

Lemme just say...that made my day, week, month, hell, even year! Ok...that's all. Carry on.
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