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Everyone will be seeing this...

If you're friended to my gj, here, or my myspace. This has just tickled the hell out of me!!

Jenn (I have no idea what your un is here on lj....but you know who you are!), you've heard the stories about my relatives in Huntsville, AL, the ones who did the moonshining and shot a spider in a bar that the family owned. The rest of you, I come from true, stereotypical Southern stock as far as my heritage like that is concerned. Then again, it's hard to tell exactly when someone in the Parcus family is being serious or just pulling your leg. Either way, tonight, I was just goofing around and did a google search for Parcus and came across this article. I know this guy Harris Lee, have been to his house and met other kinfolk and they're just as welcoming as you could ever want to meet. How cool that there's going to be a documentary about him and the family business. LMAO!! Enjoy the article.

Oh, the story of the spider? Seems he's living in the old club/bar and has made it into a home. One day, his daughter Toni noticed something that looked like a bullethole in a concrete block that makes up one of the walls. She asked him what it was and he tells her it is a bullethole. She thinks it's from a gunfight or barroom brawl that happened in the bar. Nope. There was a spider there and Harris Lee did the most logical thing to do. He pulled out his pistol and shot it because he hates spiders. I think it's a family trait. ;)

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