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My turn to bitch

But only about personal crap that just affects me...*shrugs* I just need a sounding bored and to any who have heard this before...you're more than welcome to skip it.

Pet Peeves:
1. People--namely family--who don't seem to get the fact that I am indeed a grown woman and quite capable of making decisions that affect my life all by myself. I don't need someone--my mama--saying snide and hateful shit at me like "I bet you wish you never got married now, huh?" Just because we're having a rough patch. IT HAPPENS. Sheesh!

2. People who try to find me jobs. For Pete's sake...I know what I want to do with my life. Let ME make the calls as to what path I want to take with my career.

3. *sighs* People with well-meaning intentions, but don't realize that some things that are said are hurtful to me. And because I'm such a nice person, I just smile and tell them how great that is, how wonderful it must be...*knows only a couple will get that*

4. My mom listening to every damn wannabe expert on her health and telling me what her cousin, best friend, etc. said instead of what her DOCTOR told her. *throttles mom*

5. My stupid ass husband, who I caught talking on his cell phone today with that bitch he had an affair with last year. How fucking stupid does the think I am? Seriously? I knew he was talking to someone when he came back home for me to bring his gun out to his car...and he just had this look on his face, so I asked and he said nobody. Um...I don't think so. I had just gotten to where I was actually trusting him again, and he has to go and fuck it up by calling her. *will be making lasagna sometime this weekend*

*sighs* Ok. I think that's it. Somehow, this bitch post wasn't as gratifying as I had hoped.

OH! Why in the hell didn't someone give me a heads up as to how ROTK ended?!?! I sat there last night, BAWLING my eyes out.


The end.
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